Rebecca Metschke


Rebecca Metschke has been photographing landscapes (both natural and man-made) for many years.

A native Midwesterner, she moved from the West Coast to New Hampshire in 1994 and set about exploring the Granite State - from the Atlantic shoreline in the southeast to the Great North Woods near the Canadian border - with her camera in tow. This became a 20-year labor of love. Her photographic pursuits included shoots throughout New England (and beyond), but it was her adoptive state of New Hampshire - and the White Mountains in particular - which assumed a special place in her heart.

Now based in Southeastern Idaho with both Grand Teton and Yellowstone in her backyard, you'll find her actively researching, exploring and photographing both parks, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the Intermountain West in general - while she continues to shoot at various locations across the country, including back in New England.

Books by Rebecca Metschke