Mike Saxton

Lutz, FL

My first book, after a long carreer in photography and film, I ran across 50 year old black and white negatives from my Navy days. They were not in the best condition. But they brought back many memories. I thought that Carrier sailors from that era might be interested in a look back at what was. After a long period of restoration we put together this little book. This is for all my shipmates on the USS Wasp and all those interested in that era.

The second book "Through A Glass Darkly" is another b&w photo book that looks at art amoung the ruins of several destroyed buildings. The title comes from my early days in photography where everything was viewed through a ground glass and inverted. The image was quite dark. Art is where you find it.

The third book is a compilation of black and white nudes photographed over a period of time. In my career in photography, I finally got bored with commercial photography and weddings and was able to persue my interest in Glamour.

Books by Mike Saxton