Rob Croxford

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rob, has a BFA in fine arts, and has been painting professionally for over 16 years, both as a Scenic and Mural Artist. For 5 years, Rob has painted his own artwork full-time to refine his techniques and cultivate his artistic voice. In this time, he has exhibited his fine art all accross Toronto.
Much of Rob’s work is topical and deals with a range of issues including; the environment/urban issues, personal empowerment and good ‘old fashioned’ manners. Through irony, word puns and satire, Rob re-invents or reinforces time-honored wisdom and quotations. Rob’s work is always evolving and changing,and he looks forward to exciting future exhibition opportunities!
To summarize, Rob's paintings are always playful, mostly clever, slightly twisted, and each has a "pocket-sized" political edge. As an entertainer, activist, and smarty-pants, Rob is always looking for new ways to challenge/amuse, and has his sights clearly set on 'total global art domination'!

Books by Rob Croxford