Rob Sargeant

Vancouver Island, B.C.

Since 2002 Rob's been a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, which provided opportunities for him to see the world and meet interesting people. He's been deployed to the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and also was up near the North Pole a couple of times on short re-supply missions. It wasn't until 2004 that his first book was published, a kids, action/adventure, entitled Lost Ark Found. He was inspired to write it while deployed for six-months in the Golan Heights (Israel/Syria) working as a UN Peace Keeper. Initially, He read it to his preteen kids over long distance phone calls to entertain them while being away for so long. His second book, A Silent Violence, was published in 2008. Much of this, as well, he wrote while he was on tour with the Canadian Armed Forces. His third book, a novella, Dance With Me, was released as an e-book in March 2011, and his latest book, In Heaven, was released as an e-book in 2014.

Books by Rob Sargeant