Rodney Johnson

San Francisco, California, USA

I’m a lifelong and pure hobbyist; I just do this for fun! After wanting one for over 25 years (and shooting a lot of 35mm), I finally got a Hasselblad (and later a Mamiya)! Someday, I suspect I’ll graduate to larger film formats (even if they stop making film, I’ll probably make my own), probably when digital SLR sensors catch up to Medium format film (at a reasonable price). If you’re really interested in some of these images, Email me and we can negotiate some custom made Selenium-toned photographic (non-digital) silver gelatin prints on fiber paper, which will are unbelievably sharp as well as being the highest archival quality (they will literally last 100s of years before noticeably fading).

Thanks for the interest!

Rodney A. Johnson
San Francisco, California, USA

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