Tendrel Photography

Portland, Oregon, USA

I love to travel and capture images of connections between people and with their environments, both social and physical. When people see my work, I'd like them to feel a connection with the people or places in my images, not just with the medium in which the images are presented. I believe that these connections actually influence our sense of reality, and increase our compassion for each other and the world we live in. Sharing these images for others to explore makes possible a connection between us that is beneficial to everyone.

What is "Tendrel"?
Tendrel is a Tibetan word made up of "ten", meaning support, and "drel", meaning dependence and conditionality. Thus, "tendrel" points to a view that all phenomena are connected with each other and that nothing we see exists by itself, on its own power. We are interconnected with each other and with everything we experience. Roger attempts to capture the meaning of tendrel in his images.

Areas of Expertise

My themes often center around Buddhism or one of its major teachings, but most of the time I attempt to capture the similarity between ourselves and others, who live an apparently quite different life. Those similarities allow us to feel the connections that are far more valuable than our differences.

My current work developed from my practice of Tibetan Buddhism and my love of travel, particularly my annual trips to India and Thailand.

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