Rosanna Hunt

Hunterdon County, NJ

“My first camera was a Brownie box camera, which I received at the age of 10, and I have been taking pictures ever since.“

Not inspired by darkroom chemicals and bulky equipment, Rosanna’s photo projects only really took off when she bought a digital camera several years ago. Now, all of her photos are digital. “I’m comfortable with computers, but I’m not a “gear geek.” I’m really only interested in the artistic side of photography, so digital photography gave me the artistic control I wanted without the mess of a darkroom.”
Art and flower gardening have been Rosanna’s other lifelong interests. Taking pictures of her own flowers, as well as of other people’s gardens, just happened naturally. Some would think that landscapes don't belong in a garden book, but Rosanna feels "Some gardens in the book are wild-just as God planned them. for example. one dramatic shot is of rain moving in on the wild Arizona desert."
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