David Rothwell


I'm a creative individual, I first came to photography through my second pleasure of climbing in the outdoors. I wanted to capture the lush, rugged, green landscapes of the British Isles and further a field in Europe and the Asian Continent.

Having realised the human element was missing, I decided to address my style of photography and turned to music documentary and street photography. I enjoy being in the company of others, I am a sociable person.

My style of photography mainly covers portraiture, I love to capture a persons character, they say it is within the eyes that their story can be told. This is what I look for, an element of emotion and to gain some provocation within the subject, so that too the viewer can relate to the story.

Social Documentary or Photojournalism features heavily in today's world, and with the advent of digital technology, so too has communication changed. People want the latest headlines, they want to discover their world, so I choose to share it.

Books by David Rothwell