Andrew P.


I'm a recovering sex and pornography addict with the emphasis on "recovery." It means I no longer act out on my addiction--at all--ever. Through a recovery process including therapy and a 12 Step program, I have regained the ability to make choices in my life. This is the great miracle of recovery from addiction--once again being able to make choices. Heavenly Father has done for me what I couldn't do for myself. My writings reflect an LDS perspective. I share many of my experiences in finding recovery. I discuss the importance of an effective 12 Step group. I talk about the little (and big) lies that addicts tell themselves and others. A lot of my writing discusses the things that addicts do to stay in isolation with their drug and why a sponsor is vital to recovery. I explain how understanding the Addiction Recovery Relationship will help addicts, their spouses, parents and priesthood leaders learn what is necessary to achieve long-term recovery from addiction. Recovery is wonderful!