Roxane Gabriel

Tampa, FL USA

Roxane always loved art as a child and did well in all art classes winning many contests and most notably a freeway billboard of her chalk drawing located near her town prompting her to attend the Seattle Art Institute for Visual Communications as well as taking Business and Programming courses in college.
She ended up working in business and did some engineering excelling in 3D design and then her love for computer programming took over and she worked her way through all the various fields in business still drawing, sketching and utilizing her creative artistic talents for fun and friends.
The combination of her mother, an avid painter, giving her an easel and her starting her own consulting IT business a few years ago provided her the time between clients to start painting which she has now become passionate about as can be seen in her vivid dreamlike works of art.

Roxane started painting as an awakening spiritually came over her producing these beautiful works of art.

Books by Roxane Gabriel