Richardson Productions LLC


Tim Richardson is an award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and owner of Richardson Productions LLC. He has shot over 30 films, an episodic cable program, and a recurring internet sitcom. His feature film Kill The Messenger is a Civil War epic currently with distribution through Echelon Studios in Los Angeles and The Dork of the Rings, an award-winning feature-length parody of the Lord of the Rings saga, has received international attention and screenings. Tim holds a B.A. in Speech & Theatre from I.U. South Bend where he is an Adjunct Professor in the Theatre department. He is the festival director of the River Bend Film Festival (www.riverbendfilmfest.org) and serves as president of the not-for-profit group Mid America Filmmakers (www.midamericafilmmakers.org) based in South Bend, Indiana.

Areas of Expertise

Photography, screenwriting, producing, directing, editing, camera work, caricatures, cartooning, graphic design

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