Roger Vaughn

Cuba, MO, USA

I'm 36, was born and raised in rural southern Indiana, now live in south-central Missouri, received a college education at several Midwestern Universities, lean left politically, and I've had a passion for photography since college. Each of these play a role upon my perspective of life, in varying degrees.

I love Italian food, prefer tea to coffee, wear both boxers and briefs depending upon what I feel like, and while some may argue with me on this point, I'm very organized.

I'm an independent photographer based in south-central Missouri. A large part of my photography portfolio consists of landscape and nature photos, but I also do portraiture, artistic and architectural photography, senior photos and engagement/wedding photography.

My camera equipment includes Canon and Nikon Digital bodies, and a number of Canon, Nikon and Sigma lenses depending upon my needs and the situation. My rates are affordable and my work is not run of the mill.

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