Ryan Turner

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I have wrote a number of short stories that have been championed by the likes of 'Willy Vlautin' (Author of The Motel Life, Northline and lead singer of my favourite band Richmond Fontaine). After I e-mailed him my short story 'Blinding Sight' his reply was 'Im honoured you used the song Blinding Sight in it, shit what a heartbreaker'. That was amazing coming from the master of heartbreak himself.

My first novella called 'The Letter and The Bridge' was published in Spring 2009 and has received good reviews.

Simone Felice (Author of Hail Mary Full of Holes and Goodby,Amelia and also singer in The Duke and The King) has sampled my new novella titled 'No One Left To Visit' and has called it 'beautiful work'.

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