Luca Di Sabatino

Teramo, Italy

Luca Di Sabatino was born in Teramo, Italy, on October 12th 1974. After attending the Art Secondary School, he moved to L’Aquila, where he graduated in Set Design with full marks and honours from the Academy of Arts. Always passionate about arts, music, cinema, cartoons and design, after University he started working as a photographic assistant and then as an illustrator and a graphic designer. In the spring of 2003 the “Computer Graphic & Publishing” journal devoted eight pages and the cover of its issue to Luca, focusing on his very particular style and on his constantly developing and innovative technique. In May 2004 Faber-Castle appointed Luca as its Ambassador, entrusting him with the task of holding courses and open houses to demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of pencils and colours. During the academic year 2006/2007 Luca held a workshop named “Graphic Design, from pencil to press” at the University of Teramo - Faculty of Communication Sciences. He is currently colla

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