Geraldine Khumalo


I come from a long line of activists. Putting pen to paper became part of me. My own experiences as an activists meant disseminating infomation and creating awareness campaigns. Putting across thoughts and interpretations does not mean I know it all. It only reveals my fascination with us as human beings.

Born on the 3 July 1962 and I am the eldest of three children. I become a single parent when my 2 boys and two girls were little. Had to come up with ideas and ways of fulfilling the role of single parent. Used to create learning aids and lessons for the children to do at home. They enjoyed the exercises and used that experience to train in teaching adults ICT. Hense my need to come up with ideas and write them down to help learning things. I do not have regrets about anything but feel sad at times about humanity which I am passionate about.

Books by Geraldine Khumalo