José Maria Pimentel

Aveiro - Portugal

José Maria Pimentel was born in Coja – Portugal, in August 26th, 1953. In 1972 he went to
Paris – France – to study photography at the “Centre d’ Enseignement et Perfectionnement
Photographique Professionnel”. At this very time Portugal was being ruled by a dictatorship. In 1974 the “Carnation Revolution” allows him to return to his country. Until 1982 he works for the Portuguese cinema industry as a production assistant, director assistant and stage photographer. He also does painting and sculpture works. Between 1982 and 1999 he is the director of a ceramics decorative company. In 1999, he goes back into photographing - his life passion - as his main activity. He is currently living in Portugal, teaching photography and working in a number of personal projects.

Books by José Maria Pimentel