Sam Biddle

South West, England

Sam Biddle is a Global educator who has found a passion for all things colour, writing a series of workshops to help techs explore their creative side and find inspiration. Sam has developed a DVD based on these workshops, plus a range of on line learning tools. Sam’s drive to share her skills and knowledge with the industry is evident, travelling worldwide Sam’s message is to help technicians regardless of brand or experience, “these classes are for everyone” says Sam “ I want technicians to find their inner child and let her come out to play, using colour to express their creativity”. It is important to remember that once you have learned the craft of nails and using it to earn a living, you should you continue to develop yourself and your skills to create some truly amazing work?”

Areas of Expertise

Sam is a global educator for American international industries and Master Artist Educator for Ez Flow nail systems. She has been published internationally writing various articles, including Front Covers on both Scratch and Professional Nails Magazines, Sam has also made headlines in the national press. As a finalist for nail professional of the year 2008, internatinal competition winner and judge Sam's portfolio is varied.

Books by Sam Biddle