About the Author

Sam Smith
Blurbarian Since February 2008
Name Sam Smith
My Web Site http://www.artbreak.com/samf0t0
Location N.Y.C., NY (USA)
Gender Male
My Occupation visualist
My Bio I began in Baltimore, MD Dec. of 45 where I received a BFA @ the Maryland Institute Coll. of Art (70). From the youthful moment I felt graphite transfer to the paper surface, I was hooked…a life of visual pursuit was immanent.

Either as a visualist, or a human, most solutions are as near as that which may be touched, this idea play centrally in ways of: thinking, seeing, and doing. A journey between the mirage of dreams, and the world as it is, the virtual/actual – Nature/humanity, such contrasts are germain to these visual acts. Each have direct relation to one another, particularly to issues of possibility, and the evolving me, all works in progress. If lucky, such expressions will be the connective tissue of mediation between the, at times blurred lines of the virtual/actual,…a visual endowment in a future beyond self.

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
'N.Y. Commx': No matter the image made, I always consider them as a form of commx. Personal proclivities are toward the exaggeration, overstatement or caricature. Since this 'SinCon' technique result in visual overstatement via duplication & selective cropping, focus on urban hand-wrought markings or the Madison Ave. form of public graffiti, in concert with this way of working is foundation of a relevant new photo-series…not always funny, not always heavy, but always worthy a 2nd look…or book!
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If you wish a numbered, signed copy of 'Sinergi3s of Confluence' limited edition, put in 'shipping address' my address (which you may request through my email, <samfoto@earthlink.net> please put SinCon in the subject line. I will number & sign It, than will be mailed immediately to you. You pay for shipping from Blurb to me and I pay shipping to you. You may use the same email address to first order directly from me, @ the same pricing, I will #'er , sign, and I will simply mail it to you.
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
'Sinergi3s of Confluence': Careful, you may be coaxed to experience your own imagination. And just think of it, with only 1 (one) step away from 'life as usual' this imagination may increase meanings of the experience exponentially…a powerful tool, no? Click the small picture (above) in the next screen find the same little picture and click 'book preview', located just beneath the picture, and see what I mean.