Samantha Lamb Photography (Hollow Tree A

A Cottage in Hobart, Oklahoma

Hi folks:) My name is Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb. I live on a lovely light-filled farm in the wheat country of Oklahoma. That is where I create my artwork and tend to my vegetable Gardens (along with the help of my dog Harold and many meadow creatures ..including gnomes who like my baking)

I adore making books and my mind will not waver from the concept of creating series of captures.

Areas of Expertise

*Baking Pies
*Harvesting Honey
*Making friends with Gnomes
*Loving Life as if Green Pastures
*Having Picnics
*Picking Peaches
*Capturing The Morning
*Turning into a mermaid when life calls for it

Books by Samantha Lamb Photography (Hollow Tree A