Samuel Connor

Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I was raised in the village of Upperlands, Northern Ireland, a village famous for two things; firstly, Upperlands is the world's oldest linen village. With the textile industry still present, I have always had a passion for working with and investigating materials, particularly ones found and used such as ironing board covers. Secondly, one of its sons, Charles Thomson, was an original signatory of the American Declaration of Independence. Rich in political history, today Upperlands expresses its Unionist belief annually on July 12th with a vast array of road painting and flags. This constant need for enveloping an entire village in one identity has forever intrigued me and served as a point of research for my work.
Most importantly, my work provides a social commentary on the human desire for more, the will for power. Not life changing, victimising or memorialising; merely underscoring an entirely natural instinct.

Books by Samuel Connor