Roberto Santos Photography

State of Florida

Since my early high school days in South Florida, I began to express myself as a visual artist. My experiences living, and traveling throughout Europe and the United States helped broadened my imagination, inspiration, and somewhat artistic interest towards how I related to food. During the past 35 years I have evolved and developed a character, personality, and style which distinguishes my vision. This vision was nurtured and refined by my work as a commercial photographer. Using images that I create to explore and define composition in an abstract form. Integrating two styles (Commercial/Fine Art) to create a third style allowing the best of the former styles to come together. As it continues to evolve, I create a greater understanding of my existence as an artist.
My work continues to be made in a traditional manner, whether commercial, or personal. I photograph all my images. I don't buy, or use any other means to acquire other image(s). I do get influences from others that deem

Areas of Expertise

Photography for advertising, packaging, ecommerce, brochures, restaurants, print, pop.

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