Saul Shapiro

New York, NY

Despite his children's assertions to the contrary, Saul Shapiro was once a child as well. He was born June 23, 1956 to Florence and Seymour Shapiro of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY After his father passed away in 1961, Florence took the family to the nearby village of Dobbs Ferry, where Saul and his older brother Mitchell lived their formative years.

Saul graduated with honors from Dobbs Ferry High School in 1974. His academic training includes materials science (Brown), manufacturing engineering and management (MIT) and he dropped out of architecture school (Harvard) after one year. Through all of this, he learned one thing; "If it doesn't fit one way, turn it around."

He gets the most joy from spending time with his children, Frances and Spencer.

Books by Saul Shapiro