Shawn Aveningo

Northern California

Shawn Aveningo grew up in St Louis, Missouri, has lived throughout various area of the United States and Germany, is married, and has a son and identical twin daughters. Through the years she has enjoyed diverse careers in software development, consulting, sales and real estate, as well as volunteered in the local schools and her community.

Her writing voice offers a unique blend of social justice, humor, poignancy and sensuality. She believes that poetry should be enjoyed by everyone, not just crafty wordsmiths and scholars. She writes in a way that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience, but also delivers more complex and clever surprises for those willing to ponder and explore for a while. She was recently voted one of THE BEST POETS in the 2009 Sacramento News & Review Reader Poll. You can see more of her work in The Rattlesnake Review, WTF, PoetryNow, Survivor’s Review, POETZ, Medusa’s Kitchen, or catch her at Poetry Unplugged. You can email her at

Books by Shawn Aveningo