Sayra Lopez

Philadelphia, PA, USA

I am a senior at The University of Pennsylvania studying Graphic Design.

I was born and raised in sunny Cuernavaca, Mexico, and moved to  the USA in 2008 for college. Although I miss home and seeing my family, I  love UPenn and all the amazing experiences I have had in this past two years. Currently living in Philadelphia, I spend most of my time going to class and doing design work for different organizations. I started at UPenn in the the School of Engineering, but I realized graphic and web design were my passion and I switched to Fine Arts.

As a kid, I dreamed of attending a university in the USA, so I made sure I balanced my academic life with my gymnastics  career. Being a gymnast for about 10 years taught me valuable lessons that I will not forget, such as never giving up and always following my dreams.

I plan to finish college and work in the Design industry. I have no idea where life will take me, but I am excited for the ride.

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