Sheila Cheasbro


Sheila Cheasbro is writer, web designer and graphic artist based in Ottawa, Kansas. Since 1995, she has operated a small design business from home, freelancing for various clients.

The Dymaxion Man: R. Buckminster Fuller is Cheasbro's first venture into the print publishing world as an author, but not her first writing. Sheila is a published poet with her pieces appearing online at various sites.

She is currently a student at Johnson County Community College in Kansas, working towards her second degree in Graphic Arts. Sheila will graduate in spring of 2011.

When not designing or freelancing, Sheila enjoys a myriad of activities, including: traveling, reading, shopping, vintage automobiles and cooking. Sheila relishes the time she spends cruising in her cherished 65 Mustang convertible.

She lives in Ottawa with her family, her four cats and her beloved Basset Hound, Sammie.

Books by Sheila Cheasbro