Scott Chernis

San Francisco, CAlifornia

Scott Chernis is a Bay Area photographer. His vast body of work over the past 15 years recently led to an assignment covering president Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Honolulu, Hawaii during the APEC Conference. Scott first picked up a camera in New Orleans while attending Tulane University. What began as a passion for jazz and the music and culture that makes New Orleans unique, has evolved into a career, which attempts to engage all subject matter. While shooting jazz for festivals, magazines and CD projects from his home base in San Francisco, Scott continues to return to New Orleans to document the rich musical traditions of that city. His portraiture encompasses a wide spectrum of the population, from artists to CEO’s and has appeared in magazines, advertisements and websites around the world. With a wide range of clients, from alternative energy brokers to record labels, Universities and fortune 500 companies, Scott will put a piece of himself into ev

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