Scott Reither

Lahaina, HI

Demonstrating a keen and conscientious eye in both color and black and white landscape photography, the common thread throughout is Scott Reither’s compelling use of long exposures. The landscapes vary from nature to urban and at times include a human or animal presence, but one thing is apparent, Scott’s passion is most evident while capturing time in the still image.

Reither invites the viewer into his world of extended time with exposures ranging from a few seconds to several hours, where people morph into ghosts, water appears still and tranquil, where the paths of planes and the tracking of our planet against the dark sky is seen. With compositional arrangements showing a clear sensitivity to his surroundings, one almost forgets that nothing is staged, and only an intuitive recording of time unfolding is at work.

His work has been recognized and awarded in the industry, most notably by the International Photography Awards (IPA), with 23 awards over the past four years.

Books by Scott Reither