(s. wrenn) scrapworm

Brooklyn, NY

I utilize imaging technologies with a fascinated questioning of why I/we so desire to capture fleeting imagery. How have photography and optical recording entirely changed our senses of world and time? What does gadgetry with ‘invisible’ mechanisms and instant pictures mean to our cultural state? What does it mean to THE STATE OF OUR BRAINS, and our capacity to learn, evolve, and dream?

An excess of daily pictures become our thoughts, memories, and almost representations of emotions themselves. In my daily practice and original paper photo collages, I am exploring the psycho-social implications of progressed imaging technology (and total mapping/documentation)- looking into the affect of photo proliferation our cognitive understandings of self, experience, reality, and time.

The pseudonym, 'scrapworm,' names the allegory of my creative process. This identity is a human perspective on witnessing the passage of time and figuratively identifies with more subtle entanglements of life.

Books by (s. wrenn) scrapworm