David Valentin

Peoria, Az

David Valentin is currently president of Reflections from the Source ministry and owner of the Hebrew Letter Factory. David Valentin believes in reflecting out into the world exactly what the Torah scroll teaches. No blurring of the edges, such as accepting adultery, idolatry, homosexuality, bestiality, or new testament philosophy.

David Valentin claims to have been possessed by the Spirit of God since 1994. David Valentin is to unveil how the Spirit of God is in control of the economic landscape within Phoenix, Arizona. The Spirit of God created a gigantic economic jigsaw puzzle revolving around David Valentin's childhood home.

David Valentin wants to bring humanity to accepting the one true Torah scroll interpretation. David Valentin also wants to construct the temple in Israel in order to bring up sacrifices prepared in righteousness unto Hashem. David Valentin also plans on writing more books in the Chronicles of the Ancient Riddle series.

Books by David Valentin