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James Seith Photography
Blurbarian Since June 2008
Business Name James Seith Photography
Business Web Site http://www.jamesseithphotography.com/
Location Washington, DC
Business Phone Number 202-540-0057
About My Business I have traveled around the globe for over 40 years, initially for "business" and for the last 15 years to experience the unique cultures, people, places and things that are all part of our wondrous world.

During this time I built this aerobatic aircraft and flew it from
Washington, DC to Alaska and back--an extraordinary adventure!

With the completion of my trip to Antarctica in February 2008 as crew member on a racing sailboat, I've now been on all seven continents. "Sailing to Antarctica: The Whole Story" gallery on this website captures that once-on-a-lifetime experience.

Along the way I began to try and save some of the things I saw in photos.


Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Walking through Mana Pools National Park in far northwest Zimbabwe. A country going rapidly to ruin, these may be the last photos of live animals in that ravaged country.