Stéphanie d'Hubert


My name is Stéphanie, I am from France but I live currently in Chicago.
I am interested in the relation between the experiential, the imaginary and the real. I create images where these three dimensions coexist to suggest multi-layered experiences and create meaning beyond the indexical content of the photograph.
Living abroad also made me question the nature of the place or space I photograph from, which definition, upon reflection, encompasses an indefinite space between places and points in time rather than a definable spatio-temporal point. This is this space in-between and the complexity and richness of experiences associated with it and the act of looking that is described in my images.
My raw material is as diverse as the multiplicity of experiences and points in time and space my work is about. I use found online images, personal images, digital and analog photography.

Books by Stéphanie d'Hubert