seanie blue

imperial city, usa

Music enters the brain near the limbic system, near the cortex and the engines of emotion. You feel what you remember. Can your touch have memory? Smell, of course, and music, these have instant connections in the brain to your emotions, to the lavas of feeling. Forgotten impulses stream up from the molts of memory, and the smell of baking bread and the guitar chords of a song remembered from a sunny day and the love you felt then bursting in your veins, all of this cools into crusty Now, this moment, standing on a corner years later, lives distant from that touch, that kiss, that taste of always, when we sat in the hammock and looked into each other’s eyes and admitted our love through the veil of hot blistering tears, I love you, I love you, I will never forget today, and here I am on the corner, remembering that day, and I am there now, in the smell, in the sound, in the flavor of who I was with you, loved by you, somebody else, something different from what I am now.

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