Manoj S. Abraham

New Jersey, United States

Manoj S. Abraham spent the first 20 years of his professional life as a ‘techie’ - managing products and marketing initiatives for software companies. That started to change in 2011 when his son, Samuel, was born. From that point on, he began embracing what was once a hobby - writing - as a career. That same year, he launched “Surfacing” - a blog that showcased a collection of writing styles, from poetry to anecdotes about fatherhood. In December 2012, Manoj self-published his first book, “Sam’s Three What-Ifs”, through Sennin Group LLC, which he owns and operates. The book was released as an eBook on Apple’s iBookstore for iOS devices and on for Kindle devices. Reaction to the book was overwhelmingly positive. Manoj started 2013 by thrilling his adult fans with the release of the first episode of “Soul Crossing” - a free ongoing novel available exclusively on his blog. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife, Kristen, Sam and dog, Harley.

Books by Manoj S. Abraham