seth resnick

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Seth Resnick
On the creative front, Seth Resnick has been published in the world’s most prestigious magazines. His credits include over 2500 publications worldwide and his clients constitute a virtual list of corporate America. He is greatly in demand for his beautiful graphic images in both natural and created light. He is a leader in the creative, business and educational sectors of photography.
Seth is Co-founder of D-65. D-65 is at the forefront of digital, working with companies like Adobe, Canon, and Xrite, uniquely qualifying Seth to speak about the new role of digital technologies in the changing world of photography. Seth Resnick is a gifted lecturer who combines inspiration, business acumen, creativity and technological expertise. Seth is a member of the prestigious Canon Explorer of Light program as well as an Alpha/Beta and feature consultant for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and a X-Rite Colorati.

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