Stephanie Goode

Boston, MA, USA

Stephanie is a multi disciplinarian born and raised in Boston. She received her BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art in 2004. Since then Stephanie has continued her work within photography. She is a Digital Imaging Specialist at Boston's pro lab, Colortek of Boston, and also freelances for various clients in retouching. Stephanie is also the Managing Director for local artist collective Rifrákt.

Stephanie's photographs materialize mainly out of happenstance, decisively wandering while looking to capture and connect the mind’s dots. Her works, repeatedly portraying themes of time, home, and growth, bear sensations of layering and texture, both literally and metaphorically. Photographic works serve as fragments of time, depicting Stephanie's personal stories, and aim to provoke an audience reflection unto their own stories.

Books by Stephanie Goode