Shae Vere

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Shae Vere is the Creator of Radiant Life Theory and Meditation with developed online Courses that can be found at Udemy. Vere is currently finishing her doctoral thesis for a Metaphysical Science Degree focusing on her Radiant Life and Meditation theories, as well as a paper on the connections between consciousness and creativity. Shae is also an award winning Artist. She has worked in the Arts and Crafts and the Gallery scene, and with window design and fabrics. Vere has worked for artist rights, recognition and connection of art with the community. In Shae's artwork over 25 years her work has received over a dozen art grants and awards for her own artworks. Her work is part of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Art Gallery, University of PEI's Island Studies Library, The George Schurman Collection and future museum and many private art collections worldwide.
Vere's artwork online gallery and sales information can be found at

Areas of Expertise

Specialties: Radiant Life and Meditation, Speaking, Inspiration, Teaching, Face Reading, Spirit Readings and Portraits, Ancient and traditional printing, Pulp painting, Photo transfer specialist, photographic artist, Intuitive, Portrait Artist, Spirit Portrait Artist, Radio Host, Vlogging, Multimedia Artist, Digital artist, alternative photographic capture, meditation creator, meditation teacher, Intuitive guide.
Passions are Health, Balance, Meditation, Expression

Professional Affiliations

Currently Shae is living in North Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Shae will have her Metaphysical Doctorate thesis on Radiant Life and Meditation completed for 2014
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