Shane Kirk

Leawood, Kansas

Hello! I am a transplant to the Kansas City area from Utah. I miss the mountains and skiing but the storms out here make up for the loss! I'll never move from this storm infested area. Living here in tornado alley can be very entertaining! I will chase even the smallest storm hoping to get that perfect shot! Even on a work night I'll drive hundreds of miles and show up just in time to start my day. Yes, even without sleep! Crazy? It sure helps!

For my lightning and storm photos I use a Nikon d90 with a 18-200mm vr lens and a Nikon d80x with a 12-24mm wide angle. I also have a 18-55mm nikon, 70-200mm vr nikon, and a 70-300mm vr nikon lens.

Thanks for looking at my book! You can also view my photos at!

Have a great day!


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