Sharon Ellis


Sharon is an International Teacher of Creative Healing Initiatives (CHI), Reiki/Seichim Master, Remedial Therapist, Reflexologist, Naturopath and Author.
My self study manuals will provide you with the tools to access the infinite intelligence within you, helping you to transcend limiting beliefs and move beyond needless struggle within your life. These self study courses will help you tap into the wisdom of the Universe, through a mind/heart connection creating a pathway that will lead to health, vitality and infinite abundance.
These manuals are also used in my classes. If after reading them you desire to fine tune what you have learned so far, then contact me and register for these courses.
If you join my classes you will receive further instruction for a set of unique, scientifically and spiritually informed “evolutionary life instructions."

Areas of Expertise

Reiki Master
Science and Spirituality

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