Ton Sondag

Rotterdam the netherlands

In the sixth grade of elementary school I was asked which animal I would like to be. A “seagle” I answered frankly
If they asked me again now I would pick the seagle again, but then one with a photo camera. Because then I wouldn’t have to rent a helicopter.
The sea and the water have always played an important role in my life. With a father as seapilot and passionate sailor, a mother that made the best pancakes ever on board and a brother as best mate. At the age of 15 I went to South Africa to sail the oceans from there. I have visited, seen and photographed a lot of country’s. Throughout the years I also worked as a cameraman. The vibrant life in the world port of Rotterdam or the serene roughness on the Hebrides, it fascinates me enormously. This probably has everything to do with what us humans and animals moves on the water.

Ton sondag
Nautical Photographer

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