Sherry Selavy

Santa Fe, NM, USA

Born in 1956, I have known since I spewed from the womb, that I was a conduit for the Gods of Art. I have seven advanced degrees in the sciences and art, and, love learning. I will die learning. I love books. They have taken me to every corner of the Universe on the flying carpet of my mind. I love too deeply, let go too slowly, and loss brings me to my knees. I get up in the morning and eat Life for breakfast. I am an impatient perfectionist. I am most comfortable with dogs and nature. I never register what can be done in a twenty-four hour period. I plan the impossible, and always seem to be the last to know. I am attractive as fire, too hot to hold, and loneliness brings me to my knees. I believe that the most important thing one can achieve in one's lifetime is to leave behind something of cultural impact, as the world is culturally starved. The question is not what can Art contribute to life, but what can life contribute to Art. Time is the great equalizer.

Books by Sherry Selavy