Nick Shiflet


During the past couple of years my main vision has focused on my weekly hour long television program SHIFTERLAND. I create, write, direct, edit, act, and produce audio for the program.
I’m not a serious artist except in that I plan to work at art till I’m no longer capable. Some of my favorite endeavors happened with a gin and tonic in one hand and a paintbrush or camera in the other. I want the act of imagination, brainstorming, creating, and producing to be fun. But at times there is the grim determination or lack of as man muddles in the muck and mire attempting to give birth to a masterpiece.
I’m not good with dialogue about art, I prefer to hide in a cesspool of the naive. I do know the creation of art produces emotions, concepts, sensations that can’t be found in consciousness nor on this planet. Art should not be a struggle for existence but proof of. Art is developing a relationship with what does not exist.

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