Toru Shishikura


"AOZORA in YOKOHAMA" Group Charity Exhibition, Japan.
"Fiore Dolce" Joint Exhibision, Japan.
"AOZORA vol.4" Group Charity Exhibition, New York.
"AOZORA vol.3" Group Charity Exhibition, Japan.

While I am charmed by the beauty of the flower and take a flower, I think whether you cannot express beauty in form different that you usually watch it and begin to produce the world of the new beauty that fused with digital and a flower.

It is filled with vitality and overflows, and it is gorgeous and is strong, and anything is met by "a flower of the imagination world" having delicacy and healing after having watched a work and is happy if I make you so that a positive effect appears on the inner part.

Books by Toru Shishikura