Henrick Sales

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Henrick “Shoolie” Sales is a spoken word artist residing in Toronto. At the ripe age of 20 he has managed to leave his own set of footprints in the community by performing and being involved in running and doing numerous community events. Shoolie plans to use spoken word as a medium to reach out to the community and wants to see the younger generation use their voices as a vehicle for movement and change. He is one of the founding members of Stay Golden a youth ministry that supports and gives up-and-coming artist a stage. He has competed at Brave New Voices which is one of the largest youth spoken word competitions internationally and a member of the Up From the Roots Slam Team 2011 who won second place at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. He is also the Grand Slam Champion for Bam! The Toronto Youth Slam in 2010. Aside from that he wants a pet platypus and has an addiction to yogurt. He has a poetry book called “Take Me Home” and A Spoken Word CD entitled “Puzzles”

Books by Henrick Sales