Simone Paz


Perth, WA, Australia

My name is Simone Paz, and I live with my husband and three beautiful children in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

My love for writing books stems from when my children were small and they would ask me to make up funny, unique bed-time stories every night. So began the birth of my writing days and the creation of the lively animals in my 'goodnight-sleep-tight books'.

All of my books are written in verse and convey a valuable lesson to learn. The colourful illustrations delight young children, while the descriptive language challenges little minds to extend their vocabulary,

Goodnight-sleep-tight books was created in 2014, with the aim of bringing the joy of books to children, while helping the less fortunate.

All profits made from books and e-books are given to the needy. To see what worthy cause goodnight-sleep-tight books is currently helping to fund, please visit and view the 'Joy of Giving' page.