Shauna Intelisano

Denver, Colorado, USA

Intelisano Photography is a firm responsible for visual documentation, providing digital images to a variety of clients. I adhere to the highest professional standards as established by my peers.

My love and curiosity for the story behind the person and the place led me to a career in photojournalism. In a time when images are becoming contrived and computer generated, I continue to simply capture life as it unfolds.

Anybody can click a shutter or manipulate an image, but I believe the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is ideas and approach. I strive to be one of the greats.

After earning a degree in photojournalism and journalism from the University of Georgia, I worked for a variety of newspapers in the Southeast and Southwest. My photographic journey has led me to Denver where I have begun my freelance career.

Books by Shauna Intelisano