Sirin Samman

New York City

I have been taking photographs ever since I was a child. My great-grandfather and great-grandmother owned a photo-studio in Prague, my grandmother and my grandfather met in a photo-store they both worked at in 1940s Vienna, my great-aunt dedicated her life to her Hasselblad and has traveled the world until late into her 70s. Another great-aunt was a film-editor, and my father never spent a moment of his leisure time without a camera strapped around his neck. In other words, photography is in my blood.

In 1996 I moved from Austria to New York City to study Photography. I graduated in 2000 having completed a double-major in Photography and Multimedia/Advertising Design. I have been working as an Art Director, Web Manager/Designer, and Freelance Photographer ever since. I have exhibited my photography on several occasions and have been lucky to have been featured online and in print various times.

If you would like to reach me, please visit my website and proceed to the contact link.

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