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Julie Zarate
Blurbarian Since December 2008
Name Julie Zarate
My Web Site http://www.six06.com
Location Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Gender Female
My Bio The art that I create is an amalgam of influences from Michaelangelo to Yepes, covering an array of genres and styles, ultimately fusing them to create something contemporary and iconic, yet timeless and infinitely familiar.

My early years were shaped by popular culture and the empowerment of women, thus most of my works reflect this. However, I am more interested in the journey and new discoveries of creating a new piece of work than I am with the finished product. This is usually how I discover something new, either in the execution or the medium. As my work continues to evolve, the strong undercurrent of taking risks, confidence and the sheer desire to create is ever present.

- julie zarate

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