Matthew Christopher

New York, United States

Matthew Christopher has been fascinated with ruins since a very young age, but it was his work in the mental health field and his interest in its history that led him to actively pursue abandoned asylums. From that point forward, he began searching for as many different styles of abandonments as he could find. Currently he has photographed derelict prisons, schools, amusement parks, ships, quarries, refineries, resorts, factories, distilleries, stockyards, houses, and many more. His website and photography were designed to help others understand his love for forgotten and unappreciated structures and to share the sites with those who may not have the chance to see them before they are erased. Matthew has displayed his pictures at many galleries, been featured in several publications, assisted historical and preservation societies, and given lectures on his work. He plans to continue his efforts to visit as many sites as possible.