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Shaun Schroth
Blurbarian Since November 2013
Name Shaun Schroth
My Web Site shaunschroth.com
Location Washington, DC
My Occupation Artists, Professor, Photographer, and such.
My Bio Has anyone ever told you that you look like Shaun Schroth? I doubt it. I sure don’t get that one, and I am Shaun Schroth. I’ve been doing this photography thing from day one. Most of us have, though we don’t really think much about it, at least having been in pictures since birth. Taking pictures? You shouldn’t steal. I don’t take pictures, although I’m occasionally in them. I make photographs, experiments, noises, faces, and sometimes dinner. Carry-out anyone? Oh, and art! I’m an artist, an optimistic pessimist, introverted extrovert, and a shy narcissist wrapped in earth tones, corduroy, and hair. My art reflects who I am in a beautiful conundrum of contradictions and tarnished silver that’s constantly being polished.

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