Breda Kralj

Ljubljana, Slovenia/ Europe

After school for design I worked in theaters. From 1983 my activities have included theatre costume, set, puppet, toys and visual promotion design, sound creating, acting, directing, choreography and performing. My work includes exhibitions as well as documentary videos and dance performances. Since 1995 I have been working on computer art: music, graphics, animation, logo-types, and have been creating web-sites signing my work with the pseudonym Sofia Youshi.

Nine years ago I started to work with pets, animals in zoos and farms.This career change has drastically improved my life. My main work interest is in animal enrichment, with focus on careful and construction-aware design. My objective would be to bring together many design disciplines and to apply design thinking to new areas, especially under the Animal Enrichment framework to address the issue of basic animal care.

Books by Breda Kralj